2-Day Euro Extreme Bootcamp (PCC) – Loebersdorf, Austria (19-20 June, 2021)


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Schiessplatz SGW-Leobersdorf

2544 Leobersdorf, Austria

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Max Leograndis (@maxamundi)
Lynda Turnbull (@lyndaturnbull_)

We’re extremely excited to bring you this 2-day class format which is focused intensely on the skills your need to cut huge chunks out of your stage times. This class will help you get as prepared as possible for the Extreme Euro Open in Hodonice, Czech Republic the following week. We will apply essential competition skills to real stages, giving students the opportunity to experiment many times in a competition setting, working to improve scores on real stages and sections of stages, with lots of personal feedback from instructors.


Class Format:

  • Day 1 – Modules and drilling on the most impactful competition skills including transitions and lots of movement techniques including entries, exits, shooting on the move, and efficient planning of movement sequences.
  • Day 2 – We will apply skills directly to short stages and sections of stages, and you will get direct coaching on perfecting stage plans and mental techniques to perform your best.
  • Plan on being at the range from 0830-1630 both days.


Required Equipment:

  • 1000 rounds (high estimate, but better to have too much rather than not enough).
  • gun and all equipment needed for your division
  • make sure you are zeroed AND FUNCTION TESTED prior to class
  • lunch and snacks, water will be provided
  • eye and ear protection
  • cell phone/video camera highly recommended
  • notepad highly recommended


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