I will be reviewing many different PCCs in the future. In order to be as thorough as possible and be able to compare them against each other well, I came up with my best attempt at a standardized scoring system. The types of tests, drills, and exercises that I’ll go through with each PCC during the review will be standardized as well. Here’s what I have so far:

PCC Testing Methodology

Guns will be graded in five categories:


  • Quality
    • A measure of multiple aspects including overall fit and finish, durability, and attention to detail.
  • Reliability
    • A measure of how likely the shooter is to encounter malfunctions. If a gun is not reliable with certain types of ammo, or magazines, this could possibly affect its score.
  • Handling
    • A measure of how easily and quickly the gun can be manipulated. This includes things like overall length, weight distribution, how the grip and handguard interface with the body, and the gun’s controls aside from the trigger. Also includes reloads.
  • Performance
    • A measure of how easy the gun is to shoot fast and accurately. Based on the recoil system, trigger, and accuracy of the gun.
  • Convenience
    • A measure of how convenient the gun is to own, maintain, and modify. Things that affect this score include aftermarket part compatibility and availability, how often the gun needs to be cleaned, how easy it is to clean, availability of magazines, etc.

Each of these categories will receive a score out of 100. All guns will start the review process with a base score of 70 in each category. They can gain or lose points while being tested. While I’ll try my best to keep the testing methodology consistent for each gun, the point gain or loss will ultimately be subjective, but will come with my best justification for the amount of points gained or lost. 


Out of 500 possible points, the score will be normalized to the base score. The base score will be out of 100. Dividing the base score by the price will give the base value.

Additionally, the categorical scores will be weighted for competitive importance, and then subjectively adjusted (if needed) to reach the headline score for the gun on shootpcc.com: the Competition Score. This score will be out of 100 as well, and determine the PCC’s place in the overall ShootPCC.com ranking system.


Dividing the competition score by the price will result in the Competition Value. Which will be a second score pertaining more toward budget conscious shooters, rather than those who want the most competitive gun possible regardless of the price.

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